Global Warming — by Bjorn Lomborg

Tommy Kan
3 min readMar 23, 2021

In today’s totally polarized media world in U.S., any topic can become a subject causing extreme confrontation between both extreme sides. And Climate Change, or more specifically Global Warming is a perfect example.

On one side, we were told there is only 9 years left for us to take serious action to stop this huge crisis like the famous climate fighting girl from Sweden. On the other side, people are saying the Earth has its own rhythm, hence what human being did in the recent one century is just too little to be counted.

Till today, I really did not have a strong opinion since there is just not enought convincing information as input for my brain to make a logical sense. What I could rely on is my own observations — majority of them left me a simple question — Why global warming is causing global chilling?!

  • This winter/spring was much colder than previous 5 years in the area I live
  • Many countries incl. U.S. experienced new Ice Age type of weather like the recent disaster in Texas
Texas Winter Storm

While after watching below great interview done by Peter Robinson with the world-wide well-known climate change researcher Bjorn Lomborg, now I feel so informed and powerful to talk about this tricky problem, thanks! So highly recommend you watch the full interview till the last min, I guarantee most of you will feel safely empowered with clear information, simple logic and highly intelligent sense.

Here is my key takeaways:

  • Let’s stopping calling it Climate Change since it’s always changing
  • Global warming is a real problem for human being living on this planet
  • While it is NOT an End-of-the-world type of problem, it’s one of many problems we as human being need to face and work on.
  • Fracking is a key accidental driver helped US reduce the emission/pollution since it produced much cheaper and cleaner natural gas which replaced huge amount of coal power generation.
  • Replacing all gas cars with EV is ONLY one digit level of impact to the problem — and it costs much more then the return, hence a very low ROI type of approach. (I personally is a EV fan esp. Tesla fan, I feel most of Tesla drivers bought it mainly for a) Life style, b) Cool experience, c)Economic reason, solving climate change is on the very low end of the list)
  • It’s NOT scientific and logical to say all extreme weather is caused by Global Warming eg. Texas winter snow storm — It just does not make sense again — how could Global Warming cause the totally opposite effect — Snowing/Chilling?!
  • Next-gen Nuclear power technology needs more attention and investigation (Bill Gates is investing into it) by both public and private sectors, it could be the key to really slow down the curve.
  • Every country should spend 0.2% of their GDP to drive the technological breakthrough of finding the most balanced innovative technology as cheap, clean and reliable energy, in US, that means only 20–30 billions per year(a fraction of the cash-in-held by companies like Apple or Google).
  • It will never be an acceptable solution by reducing economical activities
  • More human activies while consuming less energy and in a more clean way is the ONLY SOLUTION, and YES, it’s DOABLE!
  • Next step: Read the book “False Alarm” by Bjorn Lomborg.



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