“the social dilemma” — *whistleblowing* from inside of High Tech?!

Usually to avoid my kids and my own binge watching of Netflix, I will cancel the subscription for a while until the next MUST watch comes out. And yesterday, it came — “the social dilemma”, a new DocuDrama made by Netflix.

Actually I did NOT find it by myself, my high schooler daughter strongly recommended to me because it was *hot* on TikTok now! As a result, the social network (here TikTok) obviously did NOT know that this “viral” new documentary actually is trying to educate their users with the danger of the social network:)

“the social dilemma” is the #7 most viewed in the US Today(9/20/2020) — Source: Netflix

So I watched it with the whole family, one time was not enough. Now is capturing many eyeballs all over the world and esp. in US, based on Netflix, it’s the #7 most viewed on Netflix today!

Here is my recommendation:

If you are pre-teen, watch this with your parents.
If you are teens, watch this with your best friends.
If you are adults and single, watch it by yourself.
If you are adults and married, watch with your spouse and kids.

Everyone with an email account should watch this documentary. I am not saying I agree on every point of view or claim in this film, while I do think it did a great job to help average people to really understand how and why the internet based social network services have changed our society this much and in such a short period.

I feel this film will start a worldwide journey of re-thinking about the attention economy from a full-pict perspective, what are the gains and what have we paid and will keep paying in the future as a society, is this a *good deal* for the whole humanity or not. It’s still too early to conclude ,while this film will be remembered as a historic work to throw this stone to the water.

Let’s go through this journey together since like it or not, we all are already a node of this “social system” based on algorithm, so turning your back to this problem is just NOT an option any more.

Last, good job, Netflix!



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Tommy Kan

A lifelong learner and explorer! Grew up in Asia, now enjoying the dynamism of Silicon Valley in the sunny California.